Catchment Scenario G Selected

Our School Catchment has been set!

At the January 13th, 2020 special board meeting the Board of Trustees selected catchment Scenario G. The catchments will take effect for the 2020-2021 school year.

District staff will be working through the details of the catchment decision and will post further information including an updated school locator tool, and catchment scenario statements in the upcoming weeks on the School District 60 website.

ARY_ScenarioG PDFDownload

Anne Roberts Young Rendering and a busy January ahead

If you haven’t been by the site in a while the school is quickly taking shape. Here is an architectural rendering of what the school will look like but please note that the colours may be different.

The Board of Education will be holding a special meeting on the 13th of January 2020 to decide the school’s catchment area. Further to that in January we will be able to announce the first Principal of Anne Roberts Young Elementary School!

School District staff, the new ARY Principal and neighbouring school Principals will work together to communicate with families about catchment changes and what September 2020 will hold. More to come!

January will also see teacher postings for ARY. These will open later this month! We are looking forward to hiring and we’ll let you know who’s on the team later this winter!

Public Special Board Meeting

This is a notice that there will be a Public Special Board Meeting to determine catchment areas on January 13, 2020, 2:30 pm, at the School District 60 offices.

Roundabout Safety

At recent public meetings parents and community members expressed concerns about students safely crossing the roundabout to walk to the school.

Our schools actively teach students about safely crossing roads to get to school and the roundabout is a new feature to discuss with students who will be attending Anne Roberts Young Elementary. School District 60 staff have reached out to the City of Fort St John staff, the RCMP, and ICBC to discuss learning resources or strategies to help students cross safely.

The roundabout near Anne Roberts Young Elementary is well lit and provides crosswalks and pedestrian refuges in the middle of the crossings.

ICBC includes increased pedestrian safety as a feature of roundabouts,

The benefits? Roundabouts improve traffic flow. They reduce serious crashes, injuries and fatalities because they virtually eliminate the chance of a head-on or right-angle collisions. They improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.  Roundabouts can even reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The cited link above includes tips for driver, cyclist, and pedestrian safety. Further they have a roundabout information guide available at